Two or four day Vajrayogini retreat

Afbeelding VajrayoginiThursday 5 January to Sunday 8 January 2023

During this retreat we will study and deepen the practice of Vajrayogini. This time, special attention is paid to the symbolism of Vajrayogini. What do its various symbols mean, why do we use them? We will try to make this our own by means of meditation sessions.

This will also make it clearer how the Vajrayana method works in general, for ourselves and for all living beings. It shows how we will come to live differently through Vajrayana and how we will perceive and function differently.

We practice all this with the help of (guided) meditation, mutual exchange, study and discussion. During the retreat we will also discover how the various subjects of the Lamrim are closely intertwined with the practice of Vajrayana and vice versa.

This retreat is suitable for anyone who wants to increase their ability to help themselves and others. Condition for participation is to have received a Vajrayogini initiation.

The daily schedule is comparable to that of a Mantra retreat. However, the focus now will not be on acquiring a number of mantras, but on becoming familiar with the Yidam Vajrayogini. There is plenty of room for everyone’s own contribution and questions.

Due to the participation of foreign guests, the retreat will take place in the afternoon and evening and the language of instruction is simple English.

Guidance: Ron Twisk
Duration: Your choice, two or four days, please indicate on registration.
Place: Your choice, in the Jewel Heart center in Nijmegen or online via Zoom, please indicate your choice.
Costs: Your donation covers costs from 80 euros (four-day retreat) or 50 euros (two-day retreat), excluding food and accommodation.

We would be very grateful if you can donate a little more.

Registration: via the administration.


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