Afbeelding Vajrayogini

Two or four day Vajrayogini retreat

Thursday 5 January to Sunday 8 January 2023 During this retreat we will study and deepen the practice of Vajrayogini. This time, special attention is paid to the symbolism of Vajrayogini. What do its various symbols mean, why do we use them? We will try to make this our own by means of meditation sessions. […]

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Summer retreat: Yamantaka

This year we again offer the opportunity to do a Vajrayana rapprochement retreat: From August 5th through August 18th we will host a Yamantaka Solitary Hero retreat at our lovely Jewel Heart Center. On August 19, as usual, we finish the retreat with a fire puja. Those who complete the retreat are authorized to perform […]

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The King of Prayers (En)

Glenn Mullin This afternoon, in his usual cheerful way, Glenn Mullin will shed light on ‘The King of Prayers’. Glenn Mullin is a renowned translator of Tibetan buddhist texts. He has also translated this prayer into English. This prayer is considered exceptional because it encompasses the entire teachings of Buddha. “Every time I read these […]

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