Sunday 1. Mai 1.30 pm - 5.30 pm 2022 (Amsterdam Time)

The relationship between teacher and student in Tibetan Buddhism (Guru yoga)

‘A boat without a rower will never reach the other side. Like this a spiritual practitioner will need a teacher, a spiritual guide on his path to be able to reach his goal. (Gelek Rimpoche)

How does that work? Why will our spiritual development move faster in relationship with a qualified teacher? And how to build a healthy relationship and be able to pick the fruits from that? How does Guru yoga work? These are topics Glenn Mullin will address in his teaching on Guru yoga.

Glenn Mullin is Tibetologist and writer of thirty books on Tibetan Buddhism. He gives teachings around the world and guided many pilgrimages to Tibet and Bhutan. He has many experiences himself with Buddhist teachers.

Practical information
Date: Sunday 1 May 2022
Location: via Zoom: at home or in Jewel Heart Centre.
Times: 1.30 pm - 5.30 pm (Amsterdam Time)
Donation to the costs: cost-effective from € 20. We appreciate when you can donate more. A donation for the teacher is also welcome.
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Yamantaka Initiation and Commentary Lessons by Dagyab Chungtsang Rinpoche
June Friday 3 - Wednesday 8, 2022

It is rare in the West that the opportunity arises to participate in a Yamantaka initiation and then receive commentary lessons from a qualified Vajra master. It is very special that Dagyab Chungtsang Rinpoche was seen as a living Yamantaka in his previous life.

This initiation is a great opportunity for people who, after a thorough introduction to Tibetan Buddhism (lamrim study and full of confidence in the Tibetan Buddhist path), want to enter the Vajrayana path. For those who are already Vajrayana practitioners, it is good to receive this initiation (several times) to complete or deepen the practice.

In the commentary lessons, Rinpoche explains in detail how to practice the Yamantaka sadhana and it is possible to participate in a Yamantaka mantra retreat in the future.

Note that by receiving this initiation you commit yourself to the daily practice of the six sittings of guru yoga and the short Yamantaka sadhana. If you need more explanation or if you wonder whether you are ready or if you have had the right preparation, please contact the secretariat of Jewel Heart Netherlands.

Practical Information
: June 3-4, 2022
Friday evening 6.30 pm - approximately 9.30 pm, preparatory part of the initiation
Saturday afternoon: Initiation 2.00 am - approximately 9 pm.

Commentary lessons
Dates: June 5-8
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 10.00 am - 5 pm

Donation Initiation € 80
Yamantaka lessen: € 180:

There will be translation from Tibetan to English
Specify if you need English-Dutch translation not later than one week in advance.

Sleeping place
Need a sleeping place at a sangha member's house? Register via the secretariat.

Please sign up before Friday, May 27