The King of Prayers

Glenn Mullin

This afternoon, in his usual cheerful way, Glenn Mullin will shed light on 'The King of Prayers'. Glenn Mullin is a renowned translator of Tibetan buddhist texts. He has also translated this prayer into English.

This prayer is considered exceptional because it encompasses the entire teachings of Buddha. “Every time I read these verses, I feel reloaded and optimistic,” writes Thubten Chödron. These verses have the effect of enriching our minds. they offer us a vision of who we can become and a method for how we can achieve that, supporting us in developing heart qualities such as kindness, caring, love and compassion.

Practical information:

Date: April 29, 2023

Time: 2pm-5pm

Location: Online, Watch at the Jewel Heart Center or at home.

Donation: covering costs from €25,- ($ 27,-)

Registration: Register before April 22 by e-mail at our secretariat. You can do that here.

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