Summer retreat: Yamantaka

Yamantaka Solitary Hero Retreat Summer 2023

This year we again offer the opportunity to do a Vajrayana rapprochement retreat: From August 5th through August 18th we will host a Yamantaka Solitary Hero retreat at our lovely Jewel Heart Center. On August 19, as usual, we finish the retreat with a fire puja. Those who complete the retreat are authorized to perform a Yamantaka self-initiation, with which you can purify your vows and relate better to the qualities of Yamantaka.

The basis of the retreat is the reciting the four mantras of Yamantaka. With this we fulfill one of the obligations for an official mantra retreat. The better we can do that, within the built-up visualization of the Yamantaka-mandala, the more our practice will become alive and the symbolism of the visualization will become palpable. This makes it more applicable.

We start each retreat-day with the opening of the long sadhana. Then the reciting of the mantras begins with the corresponding visualization. There are a minimum of four sessions per day. In the last session, the long sadhana is concluded. In the evening there is the opportunity to exchange and ask questions. Individual meetings with the retreat supervisors are also possible.

We want to keep the retreat in a relaxed and calm atmosphere. To promote internalization of the practice, we will not speak until after lunch.

It is possible to participate in a smaller part of the retreat (August 5 to 10), with which you can make a rapprochement with Yamantaka, but you cannot yet do self-initiation. If you want to complete the retreat but you do not have two weeks time, or if you think you need more time for reciting the mantras, it is possible under certain conditions to start the retreat at home in advance. Please contact Carel Weevers ( or Ron Twisk (

Practical information:

Guidance: Carel Weevers and Ron Twisk

Participation: Anyone who has had a Yamantaka Solitary Hero initiation with the accompanying commentary lessons can participate.

Place: Preferably on site in the Jewel Heart Center, but there is also the possibility to participate in the retreat via Zoom.

Date: 5 to 19 August 2023. Keep the period free in your agenda.

Registration: Click here to go to the registration form.

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