Jewel Heart is an international organization within the rich Gelugpa tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. At the same time, just like its founder Gelek Rimpoche, it functions within the context of contemporary Western society. Jewel Heart is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan (USA) and has chapters in other American cities, Malaysia, Singapore and the Netherlands.

Jewel Heart Netherlands was initiated by Hélène van Hoorn, a woman from Nijmegen with a strong social focus. When in India, she became Rimpoche''s student and at her request he came to the Netherlands to teach. Over the years, Jewel Heart grew step by step into a medium-sized organization with study groups in Nijmegen, Utrecht, ''s-Hertogenbosch and Tilburg.

Jewel Heart has a wide range of study and meditation groups:

  • open meditation evenings
  • introductory courses
  • a three-year basic training program in Lamrim
  • (mindfulness) meditation groups
  • thangka painting lessons
  • many different ongoing sutrayana and vajrayana and courses
  • etc.

Jewel Heart runs an annual program of teacher visits and there are activities that connect Buddhism with contemporary society. Many of Gelek Rimpoche''s lessons have been published in the form of transcripts.