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During this time of uncertainty, Jewel Heart is offering free guided meditations, talks and practices on health and well-being presented by Demo Rimpoche, Gelek Rimpoche, Glenn Mullin and others. These will be updated on a regular basis.

We hope you can take the time to listen to them and practice them at home for your own benefit and the benefit of all.

All of us at Jewel Heart send our best wishes to you and yours and look forward to a better tomorrow.


A Prayer for the Coronavirus Crisis

composed by Demo Rinpoche on March 16, 2020

All living beings are my parents,
All living beings are my siblings.
When all living beings are suffering
I fervently generate indestructible love and compassion.

By the blessings of immeasurable love
By the force of awareness of unmistaken truth
Of all previous great holy beings
May all living beings be free from the dangers of illness.

Grasping hands in a circle of friendship,
Seeing the wisdom of benefit to self and others,
By the perfections of generosity, morality, and patience,
May all living beings be free from the dangers of illness.

This disease, as well as
All future wars, famine, and crises shall not arise to be named.
From the smallest plant to every creature on this planet,
May all be victorious over unwanted harm.

During the critical emergency of the spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), with the
desire to help relax the mental and physical uneasiness of all friends on earth, Demo Rinpoche wrote this four-stanza prayer with a warm heart.

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