Bulent Buyukbozkirli – Cooking

Dit gedicht van Bulent Buyukbozkirli, sanghalid van Jewel Heart Ann Arbor, geeft een diepzinnig voorproefje van leren koken met de juiste bereidingswijze en de juiste ingrediënten om tot het ware feestmaal te komen.


Welcome to this annual symposium!
Various meals served at the atrium.
You might be thinking, ‘I am just visiting’;
Remember you came here,
As a cook in training.
Aangesneden taart Celebrating Jewel Heart 35 years: 1988-2023

Spicy beef stir-fry with too much pepper;
No one likes the bitter taste of anger.
Add a pinch of love
With a spoonful of care,
This will definitely repair.

Chocolate peanut butter pie,
Indulging sweet taste of desire.
Need to add a handful of heart-fire,
And when it is a little shy on crave,
Becomes purifying with no misbehave.

Cheesy broccoli and eggplant - fried,
A bit too oily; excessive taste of pride.
Wisdom book of recipes is the guide:
With a touch of introspection and respect,
Brings the desired bonding effect.

Welcome to this jamboree of perception!
Each encounter is a reception,
A taste yearning for perfection.
We are both the cook and the ingredient;
Preparing for a feast beyond any adornment.


Als je wilt reageren, vergeet dan niet je naam te vermelden,
behalve als je graag anoniem wilt blijven.

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